The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: history

                            * History Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Command line history very similar to such Un*x shells as csh.  There *****
*****    are several types of history access and these are listed below    *****
Syntax: history

   !<command number>        : This will do the command <command number>.
   !<string pattern>        : This will match the most recent command which
                              starts with <string pattern>.
   !!                       : This will repeat the last command.
   !!<args>                 : This will append <args> to the last command,
                              and execute it.
   ^^<args>                 : This will prepend <args> to the last command,
                              and execute it.
   ^<pattern 1>^<pattern 2> : This will substitute <pattern 1> in the last
                             command with <pattern 2>, and execute it.

(Sample history list. Typing 'history' will show you your list!)
   7 grovel
   8 kill orc
   9 knock on east door
  10 bounce
  11 look

 !7        - will cause you to "grovel"
 !-2       - will cause you to "bounce"
 !k        - will cause you to "knock on east door"
 !ki       - will cause you to "kill orc"
 !!        - will cause you to "look"
 !! board  - will cause you to "look board"
 ^^help    - will cause you to "help look" (note the space in "^^help ")
 ^ook^s    - will cause you to "ls"


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