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Hack'n'Slash? Or is it something more?
A very important aspect of most MUDs is killing for experience points. Here, you
will also get job points for each kill. The exp will affect your life level and
the job points affect your class level. Through combat, your character can
become stronger, faster, and hold more items. As his/her stats increase, you may
also notice a rise in hit points and spell points as well.

Aside from all that, levelling your character to life level 100 will earn you a
desperation attack which you can use when you are very close to death. Levelling
to 300 will earn you a new, strong, customized skill of your choice. There are,
of course, limitations, but you can discuss this with an admin once you have met
that requirement.

A good idea as a start would be to use the 'newbiestuff' command to receive some
generic equipment to begin with. If this doesn't seem helful enough in combat,
you can always try asking someone kindly to give you a little help.

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