The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: bscore

                             * Score Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****    The score command will show you your current hit points, spell    *****
*****                   points, statistics, and wealth.                    *****
Personal Info shows your name, race, gender, and age, common to everyone.
Getting a spouse, or joining a clan generally come later in the game.
The classes section shows you your Primary Class, from which you derive your
armor and weapons usable lists.  This class is also the one all of your JP is
going into.  This also displays your secondary class, from which you can use
its spells and skills.

Vital Information:
Life Level - This is 1-99. Life Levels are gained through XP.  Your "NEXT"
will decrease to 0, at which time, you will gain a life level.
When you die, you get an XP debt, indicated by the amount in ()'s, next to
your XP.
Class Level indicates the class level for your Primary Class.  JP is your
current total JP for that class, and Next, is how much you need to gain
a class level.
Elite Level is 100-900 (the equivalent of Life Level 999)
Elite Levels are gained through XP, but do not increase your stats.
Affiliation: is a quest-based affiliation with the major powers of the
Eternal Fantasy world.  Until you chose sides, you are "Independent." If you
wish to stay Independent, you will find exploration quite difficult, but
not impossible.  Joining either side will give you certain travel benefits,
the option to take part in several quests, the ability to use certain
weapons/armor, and join certain classes.  Once you attain "Elite" levels,
your affiliation will make you either a Hero or Villain.  You can be
affiliated with either group before lvl 100, but you will not be considered
a Hero or Villain.
HP Current/MAX,  SP Current/Max, and Sobriety are shown next.
Kills/Deaths are based on fights with NPCs. (K/D being the ratio of killing
NPCs to dying to them) Pkills/pdeaths and PK/PD ratio are based on Player
Stats Next:
The 6 stats are shown,  Modified stat (Base stat)
Example:   Strength:    189 (170)     Would mean you have a base strength of
170, but your equipment has increased it to 189.  Joining classes is based on
BASE stats.
Gil displays how much you have with you, stored in the bank, and total.
Syntax:  score

See also:  qscore

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