The Eternal Fantasy: History


Originally Written by Martin Drury (Chiapet), then later edited by
Cory Helson (Casian) for his web site, and most recently by Tim Johnson (Tim)
for The Eternal Fantasy's web site.  All links were added by Tim.


I've quoted Chiapet's as he originally wrote it rather than in the way that
Casian had edited.  (Casian's version of Chiapet's history had confused first
and third person, and also included some insults that went a bit far.)
That's why it still says Esperville on this section.

Written by Martin Drury (Chiapet): 

Hello! Welcome to the Esperville history page! 
Esperville began life, on March 7th, 1995 when Chris Pomeroy (Acid@Esperville)
expressed the desire to create a Final Fantasy based MUD, on the
Final Fantasy: RPG mailing list.
(Note from Tim: Some history of FFRPG is at the Returners FAQ.)

For the next 9 months, things proceeded at a snails pace. A friend of Chris had
a site, but decided to do RubbeRoom (created by Looney MUD exiles), instead of
a Final Fantasy based mud. After that, another associate of Chris, Sam, offered
to help us, but after a few months of site troubles, we were forced to give up
on that location as well.

In late Summer 1995, we (Chris, Sam, and myself), got in touch with Scott
Schimmel (Alaric@Esperville), who had a site available, and wanted to create
a Final Fantasy MUD. For three months, Sam and Scott tried unsuccessfully to
compile MudOS on the site. Then, in November of 1995, Katrina joined the team,
and Esperville was born! (Of course, it was originally known as
Final Fantasy MUD)

However, there was one major draw back of the original Final Fantasy MUD, it
was a databased, diku derivative, something Scott, Chris, Sam, and myself were
not too happy about. After struggling with that for nearly 3 months, In early
February 1996, I got tired of it, and grabbed a copy of the MudOS driver and
TMI lib myself.  Within 24 hours I had it compiled and running, and the current
incarnation of Esperville came into being (though it was still known as
Final Fantasy MUD).

Sometime in late April, we were approached by a representative of
SquareSoft (US) who informed us we should change the name of our MUD, or face
possible legal charges. While we felt that this was probably just a bluff, we
complied, and after a few weeks discussion, and voting, the name Esperville
was chosen as the new name for the MUD.

In early May, Esperville came to it's previous site,
7777. As you probably know, our problems didn't end there. When Dragonfire
moved, we were down for over a month, waiting for Bell Atlantic to upgrade
switches and everything else.

By the time Dragonfire was back online, 2 of the original Administrators had
left (Katrina and Sam). Shortly after this, Chris left to rejoin RubbeRoom.
And finally, no-one has seen Scott for nearly 6 months. Faced with a sudden
vacuum in the Administration, I was forced to become the Head Administrator,
and to promote the few Wizards I trusted to Admin status. The first of these
were Casian and Mynock.

Finally, we began to work on bringing Esperville up to speed. Of course, by
then it was fall, and we all went back to school, and things have slowed down
to a snails pace. Of course, during this time, I've added Scanford and Kenh
to the admin crew, and finally, we have admin who are able to dedicate a good
deal of time to making Esperville Better.

In May of 1997, we moved to our current site, 7777.  Also,
Kenh left the admin crew rather unexpectedly, but we promoted our Lib guru,
Edbard, to an admin position. We also promoted Hawkeye to admin to direct the
FF3 domains.

We are currently in Alpha Testing, enjoy your time on Esperville, and feel free
to send us any ideas you may have. Esperville is your mud, and only with your
input can we improve it.

Last Updated by Chiapet, 5-24-97 (no witty statement this time).


As I mentioned, Casian's history page was written in a way that was difficult
to read and had quite a few more insults than were warranted.  Also, they
conflicted quite a bit, such as where Casian wrote that Scanford and Kenh
became admin in 1998, while it had been mentioned in Chiapet's history page
which was written on 5-24-97 :P
As a result, this is a heavily edited version of what Casian wrote, in hopes
that this would be accurate. -Tim

Written by Cory Helson (Casian):

Sometime in 1998:
By now, I think we moved over to  We now had much less lag, and
I got Edbard to institute my class system, before anyone could say no ;-)
And finally, the original concept took form into a usable system.  Firemyst
came onto the admin team, in name only, as he owned the site ;-)

Time went by, lots of it... and problems came up. Chiapet had decided to leave
Esperville (he works for RPGamer now) and that left the position of Head Admin
in the air.  Chiapet decided to leave it in the control of Scanford and Edbard
(the 2 most knowledgable coders).

However, they had lost interest in Esperville, and created a new MUD called
"The Badlands", with a new theme not related to Final Fantasy.

Zephan, Luger, Casian, and Magius decided to continue Esperville, but with
a new name, "The Eternal Fantasy".


Written by Tim Johnson (Tim):

December 1999
I (Tim) became an admin.

June 2001
Casian lost interest in the MUD, and stopped paying for the account without
informing anyone.

September 2001
BetterBox was incredibly generous, and gave us a full quarter for free before
finally shutting us down in September.  Casian had apparently stopped
responding to e-mails from them, and hadnt e-mailed them either, despite us
asking him to.  He had told us that he'd paid up to a certain date, and would
stop at that time (but wanted to make sure we had warning), but the date he
gave us turned out to be wrong by several months.  He had apparently done
this in hopes that nobody else would be willing to pay for the account, and
that we'd be set back for several months worth of work.

Luckily, I (Tim) had made pretty good backups even though Casian said not to,
and so this had only set us back a few days.  However, there was still the
issue of what host to use and how to pay for it...

January 9, 2002
BetterBox had been -very- good so far, and so Magius got a new account with
them in his name, and we moved to 3333.  The first quarter
was paid for by him with help from some of our players (who I will probably
list later when Magius is online and I get a chance to ask him).  I think he
paid for the rest of 2002-2004 on his own?  Ill ask that too.

November 2002
We promoted Raven to admin with the new name "Zarick".

October 2003
Krugen, Dathias, and Corinth all were promoted to admin, and all had various
problems come up.

January 2004
I (Tim) have taken over payment for the account.  We're currently at 3333.
We haven't had an official web site since Casian leaving, so I started
this that you're looking at right now.

March 2005
I've been doing some minor promotional things lately, and ended up signing the
MUD up for a couple more MUD lists, and some web rings.  One of the things I did
was draw a banner for some banner exchanges.  It looked pretty bad, but was okay
as a placeholder type of thing.  I was planning to also make a smaller graphic
to put on the bottom bar and one for the front page.  By some strange
cooincidence (as far as I know), Jonathan e-mailed me a new graphic for the web
site, and also when I told him about my banner I made, he made a banner for it
too.  That was very cool and definitely appreciated.  Looks much better than the
thing I did.  I'll finish updating the web site and also change the banner
exchanges so that they'll use the new pictures tomorrow I guess when it's not
1:56am.  For now I just changed the footers.
Also I'll write more about the other stuff tomorrow for this history page too :P


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