The Eternal Fantasy: Command help: findstat

                          * Findstat Command Help *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
*****                 Finds stats by race at given levels                  *****

This command will help you determine where to put your optional stat points
to maximize your endgame stats.  Its usage is simple:

 findstat <race> <stats ordered by preference>
 findstat <stats ordered by preference>


 findstat elf str dex vit wis wil cha
This would return an elf's stat plan to maximize strength, dexterity,
vitality, wisdom, willpower and charisma, in that order.

The results look something like this:

  1 point in strength from 11 to 71
  2 point in strength from 72 to 90

These are the levels that you *gain* the bonus at.  You would put 1 point into
strength at level 10, so that it would be gained at level 11.  That would be
changed to two poins at level 71, so that you would gain 2 when you turned
level 72.


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