The Eternal Fantasy: Finger (enker)

Last on: Fri Apr 30 19:17:36 2021
Login name : Enker                     Real name : Brent Wynkoop          
Status     : Admin                     Domain    : Aradian (elder esper)  
Spouse     : None
Web Page   : None
E-mail     : Not viewable from WWW.
Mud mail   : [ Unread : 0 Total : 20 ]
Projects: 1. Red Squire, Red Knight, swordspells in general.
  Status: Most swordspells coded, still need to do blowup and create techs.
2. Overhaul (read: simplify to logical progressions) formulas on here.
  Status: Have done a few npc skills along these lines, like Sandstorm.
3. Make understanding the way stats work easier.
  Status: Have...done a few docs here and there.
4. Make NPCs around Narshe talk more, and any important, publically accessible
npc needs a list function for at least some generic, all-else-fails responses.
  Status: Elder needs a list. Still working on other crap, though.
 Topic of vote was: When the world finally unites as a singular nation, what should be its lingua franca?
 Results of the vote are as follows:
    1 (English.  Everybody and their dog speaks it now!): 1
    2 (French.  Everybody and their dog in that hellhole called Africa, as well as in that shitpot called France, and in a few other places of note speaks it!): 1
    3 (Chinese.  One fifth of the world speaks it!  And about five hundred dialects of it!  Gotta learn them all!  Why are you loading that gun?  Wait...please...don't...!): 0
    4 (Latin.  It's dead, but everything and their dog is based upon it.): 0
    5 (Engrish.  You understand by people in many many place!  Women you pick up!): 0
    6 (Japanese.  Kamehameha kusotare yareyare hai iie yamete ahh ahh ahh iku yoooo! ^.-): 1
    7 (Japanese.  As spoken by people that kill themselves if they don't learn sixteen languages in the first grade.): 0
    8 (Antediluvian.  Nobody knows how the fuck it went, but we can at least pretend!): 1
The winner was #8 (Antediluvian.  Nobody knows how the fuck it went, but we can at least pretend!) with 1 vote
All too true:
Narol oocs: The two factions in WoW are called Horde and Alliance. The two
     factions in FFXI are called English and Japanese.

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