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On since: Mon Oct  7 06:04:45 2019
Login name : Tim                       Real name : Tim                    
Status     : Admin                     Domain    : Tycoon (reality esper) 
Spouse     : Anaria
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Projects: I should probably utilize the .project file.
Oh well.
Current project when I have enough time to focus:
Update things on here so that they will run under modern FluffOS with similar
configuration.  'Modern' means the last 'stable' release, v2.27.
Later, will work on making sure it works with the newer v3 builds, without
switching the game over to it unless there's a compelling reason.
Update: Now there's a 2.28.2 maintained by someone else, will go with it

Much has already been done to make the game and v2.27 work together.
There's still more to do, but it's down to things you probably won't notice.
There are new features we can utilize but are not yet.
There are some bugs in the driver, and I've written some stuff in the game to
prevent the crashers I'm aware of.

A bunch of our stuff was always buggy.  It's not just compatibility issues.
Eventually I'll scan through all our system functions and make sure the
documentation agrees.
Current projects for whenever I have a few minutes and can't really focus on
anything big:

Going through error logs and reports to fix bugs that still exist.
Have been adding comments to reports, eventually will update the 'view' command.

Lots of elements of the login process
 -character generation, connection negotiation, metadata

Some networking stuff to enable upcoming git things

Stuff I did lately...
  On here:
    -Wrote functions for base64 coding, useful for mostly web stuff
    -Wiz commands: mssp, variables, functions, heartbeats
    -There is a TLS port on 3334
    -Set up some initial GMCP stuff.  It's very basic and incomplete.
     Mudlet can set your status on Discord
     Mudlet users can type 'gmcp client' to install my simple plugin which shows
     you gauges with HP, SP, TNL
     A web client supporting the gauges is
  On test port, not yet transferred over to here:
    -Enabled (and wrote functions for) 'websocket' connections to the game,
     modern web browsers can use it for a html5 mud client instead of plugins.
     A functional websocket client is configured for the test port.
     It's ready to be enabled on main game, haven't bothered because haven't
     customized a web client yet.
    -Wrote a websocket client too
    -Basic proof of concept things for automatic spell checking, and scanning
     for disfavored phrases.  Later I'll make them into one command that scans
     the entire room and suggests changes of both types.
     ("disfavored phrases?"  mostly things like a room description telling you
     how you feel, ones that make no sense if you're looking into the room, etc)
    -Wiz commands: md5sum, spellroom
    -Enabled FluffOS options for MCCP, compressed save files, hashing functions
      -made simul_efun to correct bug in hash function on v2.27
    -Enabled I3 for testing and pointed it at my own I3 server I wrote long ago,
     seems sketchy but client side is mainly where bugs are.
    -There is a Grapevine intermud system to test out that websocket thing.
    -Set up transport layer security for web site and the websocket connection

Future plans, in no particular order:
 Stuff wizzes might care about---
    -Fix up FTP server to support passive mode and encryption
       Right now it works with active mode, but you need to set your firewall
       so your client can accept connections from the server, which is huge
       hassle for wizzes, and maybe impossible if you're not playing from home.
       Lack of encryption is also lame.
       I don't even remember if binary files work or not.
       Also, add some commands to it, checksums and such.
       There are already some FTP servers out there, each one had problems last
       time I tried, might be okay starting from one of those.
NOTE: I think active mode got broke at some point too.
    -Maybe add other transfer systems like WebDAV and rsync and such
    -Massive changes to web server, both in-game and Apache
       I'm going to change how generated pages are handled, so that you can do
       things based on headers and that kind of thing. shows some of the
       other missing features
       Also I need to update Apache to enable some websocket features I want
       Aside from new features, it is just plain buggy right now
       Feel free to put web stuff in your public_html folder, because the
       content side shouldn't change much, at worst maybe dynamic pages might
       take new parameters later or something, which would be minor change.
    -Set up a web-based collaborative text editor, haven't decided which
       Transfer already-written info from wiz boards/folders to organized files
       Merge old and new help files (which has been half-done countless times)
       Write new files for whatever remains undocumented
       Look through existing, sort out accurate and mark the wish lists
    -Do some cleanup after big changes that weren't completely finished,
       such as moving away from the materials system and how races worked.
       I've got todo lists all over the place with that kind of thing.
       This is mainly cleaning up other peoples' abandoned half-done projects.
       All kinds of stuff is in nonsensical folders, even core stuff, because
       newbies keep getting assigned this task.
       NPCs having invalid classes that defaulted to act like Adventurer all
       need to be looked at and set to something appropriate.
    -Technical stuff for a versioning system and tracking errors and tasks
       SQL support and some hashing functions and so on
       Probably will set up an integrated git or something similar.
    -Core stuff for facilitating multiplayer HTML5 games connected to the MUD,
       with a sample game like checkers or mastermind as POC before making
       some minigames that are part of the MUD.
 Stuff players might care about---
    -Rework the character creation process and some related things.
       I think it is the only thing that corrupts characters nowadays.
    -A bunch of areas are partly done and can be completed.
    -Existing areas have lots of content to add as far as quests and such,
       or just generally improving quality of the content.
    -Lots of stuff is either missing help files or else the help files are
       incomplete or outdated.  I'm logging whenever you type 'help X' and X
       doesn't exist, so at some point I should write a help file for most of
       what you've looked for.  The system that runs it will have features
       added like redirects and searches.
    -Many of the half-done systems (including some of my own) will be finished
       up eventually, and many of the 'finished' ones will be at least reviewed.
    -Some things got disabled with intention to fix but then got sidetracked
       Capture skill: need to change some tangent permissions to do it properly,
       where 'properly' means using shadows instead of writing temporary files.
    -Web site will eventually have far more on it
       Nicely customized web MUD clients to work on wide variety of browsers
       Info about MUD clients
       Info about Final Fantasy games
       Some of the in-game boards will be readable from web
       Area for players to share things other than boards
    -Some scheduled event type of stuff
       Are people interested in seasonal changes to areas and/or quests?
       Corresponding with real world or game world seasons?
       I'd like to do more than just the live wiz-managed stuff
       Items in the Nexus for real life holidays is about all we have so far

Stuff I don't want to do and someone else is free to do:
  -Plugins for various game clients

Long term things that I plan to do eventually but am not touching at all now:
  -Ship thing
     ...debating on changing it into a graphical HTML5 game connected to MUD
  -MSDP support maybe, is like GMCP but FluffOS doesn't support it
  -MUD eXtension Protocol lets the game offer extra formatting options.
   You can insert pictures, clickable links that will send a command back to the
   game, drop-down menus, and so on.  Maybe you would look at a box, and the
   game would suggest 'open box', and that would be clickable.  Look at a shop
   listing and it might have a drop-down box to examine a weapon, compare to
   what you have wielded, or buy it.  Exits might be clickable.
   It will take some work to implement well, only did small part of this so far.
  -Greatly improve NAWS stuff
  -Fix up I3 intermud client stuff
  -Link the Grapevine intermud up to channel system
  -Fix up my I3 server
     ...Cratylus seems to have made good changes, adding the server-to-server
        stuff and early IMC2 support, I do know how to fix a few bugs that are
        on it though, so really I should submit some patches to them
  -Share some personal generic LPC code for the public.
     ...I was using TimMUD with a goal of sharing fixes for all bugs on TMI-2,
        still might do that some day
  -FluffOS v3 bugs
  -Look for archives of old web sites related to the MUD
  -Go through old files and recover some stuff I was doing on TimMUD.
  -Maybe enable newsgroup stuff, see if anyone is interested in usenet server
     or if any other MUDs use the I3 newsgroup system.  I wrote a server that
     uses the I3 system a while back, but I didn't check if anyone else uses it,
     so might want to contribute it to Dead Souls or something.  Or, maybe just
     add some abilities to track outside feeds using RSS or NNTP.

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