The Eternal Fantasy: Help [blackarchmage]

                             .: Black Archmage :.
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blackmage Required Stats : INT (155)
blackwizard Required Life Level : 70
BLACKARCHMAGE Required Class Level : Black Wizard (50)
Class Stat Bonuses : DEX, INT2
Abilities : help skill blackarchmagelist

Black Archmages represent the height of mortal ability to channel the mana in
nature to one's will. Through rigorous study, a Black Archmage can provide all
the protection he'll need entirely proactively, by incapacitating or even
killing his enemies in a single spell. However, this power comes at a price,
as a Black Archmage has immense intuitive knowledge of magic, but little in
the ways of finer control. Indeed, the ability to focalize great amounts of
mana into a single point is little more than preperatory for a single, final

Armour: robe, hood/hat, accessory1, accessory2
Weapon: dagger/rod

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