The Eternal Fantasy: Help [caller]

                                  .: Caller :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
CALLER Required Stats : WIS (5), WP (5)
summoner Required Life Level : N/A
mastersummoner Required Class Level : N/A
Class Stat Bonuses : VIT, DEX, WP
Abilities : help skill callerlist

Callers are initiates into creating magical constructs to fight for them. To
do this, they must form a bond with a powerful creature, and through this
magical contract they create avatars of them in the form of Espers. Callers,
being mere initiates into the skill of summoning, are limited in which beings
they can form magical contracts with, in that they may bond only with the basic
elemental spirits. However, if they can find special items, they may be able
to acquire more creatures to summon that way.

Armour: robe, hood/hat, accessory1, accessory2
Weapon: dagger/rod/whip

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