The Eternal Fantasy: Help [class]

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For a list of all the classes available, check 'help classlist'.
For a list of inherent class traits, check 'help classtraits'.
So what's the class system like?
Well, first try to imagine a mixture of the systems in Final Fantasy 3j, 5, and
Tactics. You can use two classes simultaneously. These will be your primary and
secondary classes. Now, you don't automatically gain all the skills and spells.
You have to earn them. Everytime you use a skill or spell, you will gain jp, but
these job points will only be rewarded to the primary class you have when you
earn them. As your class level raises, you generally learn new abilities.
Note: When you change your class, you retain the skills and spells you have
learned in it, but you can only access them when this class is set as
your primary or secondary.

How does one join classes?
A good start would be making sure you meet the requirements. For the first level
classes, there are only stat requirements, but for the second levels and higher
you will be expected to have the required stats, life levels, class levels
(from the classes preceding them) and sometimes even a quest.
Check 'help blackmage' for example. As you can see, it requires you to have 5
points of wisdom.
Note: Any stat requirements are for base stats, not modified. As long as the
requirements are met, second level classes can be joined at life level
35 and third level classes at life level 70.

What about life levels?
Well you need those too. The more experience you gain, the more life levels you
earn. These will help your skills and spells also as your stats will increase.
Check 'help stats' for more information on them.

Ready for some commands then?
list - when used in a guild, it shows all classes available
join <classname> - to join one of the classes offered at the guild
primary <classname> - as long as you have the class, this sets it as your
secondary <classname> - again, if you have the class, this sets it as your
Note: You can only change your classes at blue and red spheres. For more
information, check 'help spheres'.