The Eternal Fantasy: Help [classtraits]

                            .: Help Class Traits :.
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For a list of all the classes available, check 'help classlist'.
Class traits are always active. They give minor bonuses as long as that class
is your primary. They are also inherited into higher tiers, so if a class would
have Attack Bonus and is inherited by a class that has Defense Bonus, the net
effect would be that you have Attack Bonus and Defense Bonus at the same time.
Higher-tier classes also receive more potent effects than lower-tier classes.

Accuracy Bonus - Grants an inherent bonus to accuracy
Ambidexterity - Allows you to wield two weapons at once
Attack Bonus - Adds a flat number to your attack score
Blade Grasp - Occasionally "catches" an attack
Conserve SP - Lowers SP used to cast a spell
Defense Bonus - Adds a flat number to your equipment absorb
Double Attack - Occasionally makes you attack twice
Evasion Bonus - Adds a flat number to your equipment evade
Fast Cast - Lessens the time required to cast a spell
Flee Bonus - Increases chances of fleeing from a mob
Learning - Allows you to learn blue magic
Magic Attack Bonus - Increases spell damage by a certain percent
Magic Defense Bonus - Lowers magic damage taken by a certain percent
Magic Evasion Bonus - Adds a flat number to your equipment m.evade
Martial Arts - Gives you a base power for your fists
Max HP Boost - Increases your max HP (not past 9999)
Max SP Boost - Increases your max SP (not past 999)

Some of these effects are replicatable by equipment. All this means is that
the class' traits give you a free, undispellable bonus.