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Information regarding the world off FF4 and its areas.
The world of Daoma was first introduced in Final Fantasy 4. The world was
controlled by several great kingdoms. Four of these nations possessed crystals
of great power. These nations were the Nation of Faith, Fabul, possessing the
Crystal of Wind, the Nation of One Faith, Toroia, which possessed the Crystal
of Earth, the Merchant Nation, Damcyan, possessing the Crystal of Fire, and the
Nation of Magic, Mysidia, possessing the Crystal of Water. Two other nations,
neither possessing a crystal, also rose to power: Military Nations Eblan and
Baron. The latter developed its technology far beyond what the rest of the
world had seen, and struck out at Eblan with its military's airship fleet, the
Red Wings. This was an isolated incident, far too foreign to earn a public
outcry. However, with its only rival out of the way, Baron was free to assail
Mysidia, slaughtering men, women, and children alike for the Crystal of Water.

This event triggered the start of what history would come to know as the Crystal

It has been one hundred years since that time. Daoma has healed its wounds,
and nations and cities ravaged by war are whole again. Baron has laid down its
arms, the once infamous Red Wings decommissioned of military duty, and has
existed for this century as a nation of peacekeepers, first under the paladin
king Cecil Harvey, and now under the dragoon king William Baron. The world
has changed along with Baron. Once familiar places may seem completely foreign,
changed by the silent march of time.

You will start in the kingdom of Baron, its peace strained by political ravages,
and caught in a web of intrigue and deception.

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