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Information regarding the world off FF2/4 and it's areas.
The world of Daoma was first introduced to us in Final Fantasy 2/4. This world
was controlled by various kingdoms which each seemed to hold a Crystal of great
power. The Kingdom of Baron had no crystals, but they had technology. They had
the RedWings; a fleet of airships. Gathering the crystals from each kingdom, and
the underworld, a gateway to the moon was opened. The heros followed in "The
Big Whale" spaceship. Defeating the one who was gathering the crystals, the
heros returned home to peace.

It has been over 100 years since Daoma has seen the workings of evil. Cecil
ruled over Baron as the Paladin King for well over 100 years, and has died only
recently. He outlived the other members of the group we know so well, by over
30 years, living to the old age of 127.

You will start your journey in the land of Daoma, in the city of Baron. The
large city was obviously rebuilt in that time.

The crystals shed their light silently...

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