The Eternal Fantasy: Help [darkknight]

                               .: Dark Knight :.
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fighter & blkmage Required Stats : STR(155), WIS (100)
squire & blkwiz Required Life Level : 70
DARKKNIGHT* Required Class Level : Black Wizard (25), Squire (50)
Class Stat Bonuses : STR2, WIS
Abilities : help skill darkknightlist
Cannot Be : Paladin

Dark Knights are, as their name implies, knights devoted to darkness. They
specialize in harnessing the dark yin of their souls to use for their own ends,
turning their very life force against their enemies. They also learn how to
tap into the minds and souls of their enemies, and incorporate black magic into
their combat style.

Armour: heavy/medium/light_armor/robe, shield, helmet, accessory1, accessory2
Weapon: Knightsword/rod/sword

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