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"Don't think of it as dying. Think of it as leaving early to avoid the rush"
Contrary to the belief of certain individuals, there is, in fact, an afterlife.
According to those who have actually passed over, however, it really isn't worth
the wait.

Should you lose all your HP at any given time, you will immediately find
yourself in the Netherworld, there to be greeted by the ever-charming Ferryman.
Fortunately (although that's debatable), you are unable to cross over to the
true Land of the Dead and will instead be forced to return to the world of the

In practical terms you are, in a manner of speaking, immortal. No matter how
many times you die, you will always return to life. The downside is that this
process is necessarily taxing.

Death is therefore something that we do not recommend. If you are the kind of
person who has friends who care to look out for you, then it is possible for you
to be resurrected via certain magic spells or items and avoid the aforementioned
penalty. Elusive to any scientific explanation, the down of a young phoenix
returns the newly deceased to their prior occupation of converting oxygen into
carbon dioxide, and as such phoenix breeding is commonplace, with phoenix down
available for purchase in dozens of convenient locations.

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