The Eternal Fantasy: Help [deathknight]

                               .: Death Knight :.
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fighter & blackmage Required Stats : STR (230), WIS (200)
squire & b.wizard Required Life Level : 99
d.knight Req. Class Level : Dark Knight (99)
DEATH KNIGHT Class Stat Bonuses : None

There are very few sights that inspire the same dread and fear as the approach
of a Death Knight. Their visages are terrifying not only for the aura of
dark and malevolent energy they project, but for what these damned souls
represent; for to become a Death Knight, a Dark Knight must enter into
unspeakable pacts with the most powerful and feared lords of darkness, and the
power he or she commands is drawn from the lower reaches: a power far greater
than magic, but bought for a much greater price.

Armour: heavy armor/medium armor/light armor/robe, shield, helmet, accessory
Weapon: knightsword/rod/sword

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