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                               .: Dragon Knight :.
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fighter Required Stats : STR (230), DEX (230)
lancer Required Life Level : 99
dragoon Required Class Level : Dragoon (99)
DRAGON KNIGHT Class Stat Bonuses : n/a

A Dragon Knight sets himself apart from the lower caste, the Dragoons, not only
through his mastery of the skies, but through his covenant with the dragon-kin
themselves. Through his experience, a Dragon Knight can channel these dragons'
power through his spear, and upon reaching the pinnacle of his prowess, he can
call them directly to his aid. However, the teachings of the Dragon Knight have
been lost to the ravages of time, with no soul alive possessing the power or
knowledge to make such a covenant.

Armour: heavy/medium/light_armor, helmet, shield, accessory
Weapon: axe/spear/sword

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