The Eternal Fantasy: Help [dragoon]

                                 .: Dragoon :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
fighter Required Stats : STR (155), DEX (155)
lancer Required Life Level : 70
DRAGOON Required Class Level : Lancer (50)
Class Stat Bonuses : STR, DEX2
Abilities : help skill dragoonlist

Advancing from the basic skill of a lancer, the dragoon uses the lance and
spear to impale enemies, even while on the ground. Dragoons still have the
jump attack, which remains their usual attack, and it has grown stronger as
they are now more experienced.

Armour: heavy/medium/light_armor, hat/helmet, shield, accessory1, accessory2
Weapon: axe/spear/sword

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