The Eternal Fantasy: Help [equipment]

                             .: Help Equipment :.
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How can you find out more about what you're wearing?
You've bought yourself a new cap and want to know if it's really a good deal or
not. Well there are two ways really. Let's talk about the universal way. You can
find more information on it using any of the three commands 'eq', 'equipment' or
'armor'. The second way is to use the command 'identify' for a more detailed
description. Let's get back to 'eq' now so we can explain it some.

WEAPON - your primary wielded weapon.
OFFHAND - some classes such as thieves have ambidexterity, meaning they
can wield a second weapon if they want.
SHIELD - some classes such as squires have the ability to equip shields
Note: You can't use a shield and dual wield at the same time.
AMMO - what ammunition you have equipped (required to use ranged
weapons; bows require arrows, and guns require bullets).
HEAD - protective armor worn on your head.
BODY - protective armor worn on your body.
ACCESSORY - special relics that have unique effects such as preventing
status conditions, boosting your stats, letting you equip
different items, and more. experiment to find the best combos!
TYPE - the classification of your equipment eg. light_armor or rod.
POWER - a measure of the strength of your wielded weapon or ammunition.
DEFENSE - a measure of the protective power of your equipped armor.

At the bottom of your equipment screen you can see a simple breakdown of stats:
PHYSICAL DEFENSE - your total defense against physical attacks.
PHYSICAL EVASION - how often you can evade/dodge physical attacks.
MAGICAL DEFENSE - your total defense against magical attacks.
MAGICAL EVASION - how often you can evade/dodge offensive magic.
ATTACK POWER - shows your total attack power.
BATTLE SPEED - shows your total battle speed, this is how much your charge
meter builds for every round in combat.

You can use the -compact parameter to suppress any notes and effects that
are shown underneath your accessories.