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Please Note:
This is currently a Beta test site. Please note that your character may
be purged (along with everyone else's) many times before we open, as we
test new features that make old character files incompatible with the new system.
All characters will be deleted before we finally fully open (in a few years).

Now it is time to create your character... read carefully...


A voice thunders from the darkness of the void,
"Yet another traveler, from beyond the sealed gates, approaches."
All those who enter The Eternal Fantasy are "from beyond the sealed gates"
which separate Fantasy from Reality. In order to enter the realm of fantasy,
you must first chose for yourself a name by which you will be recognized by
all those you meet beyond.

You cannot find the source of the voice, but it continues speaking,
"By what name do you wish to be called?"
Suddenly, you begin thinking of past heros, those who made such an impact on
the worlds you wish to enter, Cecil, Terra, Rydia, Sabin, Fusoya, Umaro, Mog,
Cid, Tellah, Kain, Faris, Bannon, Cloud, Tifa, Locke, Cyan, Palom, Yang, Leo...
and you also think of the names of those old enemies they fought; Garland,
Zeromus, Golbez, Exdeath, Kefka, Ultros, Kainazzo, Milon, Valvalis...
and the powerful beasts they called by name to help them in battle; Odin,
Bahamut, Shiva, Indra, Ifrit...

Sensing your thoughts, the voice speaks once more,
"Stop! I hear your thoughts. Do not choose a name from among those known to the
worlds beyond. Make a new name for yourself -- one for generations upon
generations to remember once you have passed on, to become one among those you
so easily recall."
In a moment of fancy, you think of a nickname (like Stardancer, or Deathbringer,
or Slayer.) And in another thought, you recall the names of small monsters that
you can trap in balls, and then of the names of heros from other adventures and
books. Before you can go any further though...

The voice thunders angrily,

"I said chose a NAME, not a nickname. A NEW name, not one that has been used by
others. A name that will separate yourself as unique and special. A name that
others will remember and think only of you."

You carefully consider and ponder over this important decision for some time...
The voice, now content with your choice of an acceptable name, allows you to
continue, "Very well. As you journey in the realms beyond, you will need a body
that suits your needs. Please choose from those before you."

Swirling from the dark clouds of nothingness, several bodies appear before you.
First, the easily recognizable form of a Human appears before your
conscienceness. Its abilities considered average in the land, but still quite
adaptable. The human body will grow to be the strongest in any area in which it
specializes, remaining otherwise balanced. Humans are the most abundant of the
races, inhabiting most areas of the worlds. They are feared, hated, tolerated,
hunted, respected, and loved, depending on which races you talk to. The tendancy
of humans to fight constantly, and especially with each other, is a constant
spectacle and matter of debate by the other races.

Second, the handsome, yet frail, body of the Elven race appears before you. With
a tall, graceful body, and pointed ears, the elves are quite distinct from
humans. They boast high wisdom, even when they are young. The elves respect
knowledge and discovery. They are one of the oldest races in the lands of
Eldaria, the only world in which they are thought to exist. They are a peaceful
people, and they use runes in their forests to keep monsters away. They do not
put up city walls or other such ugly marks on the landscape. Rather, their
cities are places of beauty and quiet solitude.

Third, a hardy, stout Dwarven body appears before you. Being naturally strong,
the dwarves favor the warrior classes. They generally shy away from the
magical arts in favor of fine dwarven steel weaponry. The dwarves live primarily
in underground caverns, digging and mining metals to forge into powerful weapons
and armor. They fight the evil beasts of the underworld on a daily basis, thus,
they have become a strong race, tempered by the ages of fighting.

Then a Half-Lunarian body forms before you. Generally human in appearance,
Half-Lunarians are physically distinct primarily through their vivid multi-
colored hair. They are generally a long-lived race with unusually high will
power. Their kind are always fighting the pull of the forces of the world,
either to do good or evil, as they have the potential to be powerful in either
pursuit. Not many half-lunarians exist in the world, or are known to exist.
Even though the Lunarians have since left the world of Daoma, a few of those
who helped the Daomans develop the technologies of the Serpent road and the
airships, also left behind a legacy of children that they had when they had
families here that they could not take with them.

A moment later, a Half-Elven body appears before you. Stronger than the elven
parent, yet wiser than the human parent, the Half-Elves are a good choice for
classes which combine these two facets in their range of skills. However, they
are shunned in the Elven society as freakish half-breeds. Among the humans,
they are loved as handsome and charming people. Many find themselves wishing to
be a part of both societies, but are only received with disdain.

Then a Moogle's small body appears. The highly magical creature stands only as
high as a human's waist. They have tiny wings which allow them to fly near the
ground. Moogles are loved by many, and hated by many others. Choosing to be a
Moogle may cause you many problems that other races would not encounter.
Although most moogles are known to use only the word "Kupo" in their
conversation with other moogles, it is believed that they also communicate
telepathically, and the sound "kupo" is only said as an exclaimation. Speak
as if you were talking entirely telepathically with all other people, using
real words, instead of "kupo" as your only word.

Almost eclipsing your view of the others, a Yeti body appears next. The massive
yeti berzerkers are the most powerful fighters of the Eternal Fantasy. They
gain race-specific fighting skills as they gain levels, but cannot join any
guilds. Yeti are a secretive, solitary race. They collect and horde things that
they like, but are not particularly valuable. Occasionally, they will find
something pretty, that is quite powerful, but they have no idea how to use it,
but keep it anyway. They are a warrior race that will fight before talking,
since they aren't quite intelligent enough to make decent conversation. Their
main form of communication is grunting, which they often resort to, rapidly,
when they cannot find the correct words to use.

The voice, still hidden in the darkness, then says:
"Choosing your race is very important to your life in the Eternal Fantasy. Some
weapons and armor are made specially for certain races. Some quests may preclude
certain races. However, the most important part of choosing your race, is how
you plan on playing your character's personality. Keep in mind the rich heritages
each of these races has. Each society raises their kind in a different manner,
teaching them how to behave and interact with others. You will find your time
interacting with others more enjoyable if you try to keep such things in mind.
Of course, your character's personality has the biggest impact on how you
interact with others, overriding all other influences on your life here."

"Now that you have a name and a body, you can pass beyond the sealed gates
leading into the realms of fantasy. Once beyond the gates, you must learn
how to interact with others. In the worlds beyond, it is common to speak
through 'gossip' which is instantly made known to others who are receptive
to the messages."

"It is very important to speak only of the fantasy worlds in which you are
now a part. Do not speak of the reality beyond the sealed gates. This
confuses the inhabitants of this world, and some are lonely and get jealous
of such talk. If you must speak of such things, use the Out Of Character
channel (ooc), created for those who wish to speak of things not related to
their characters in this fantasy."

Now that you think you know the basics about the world beyond, you feel ready to
pass through the sealed gates. You can't wait to embark on heroic quests, saving
the world from the calamities and evil forces encroaching on the innocent
inhabitants, or to join with these evil powers, and wreak terrible havoc on the
world, slaying all those foolish enough to cross your path. You walk forward,
but the sealed gates refuse to open.

The voice thunders forth again...
"Yes, you will be able to take part in many quests in the course of your
exploration. Some quests will be required to move further in the world, while
others are just there for fun. Some are oriented towards those who wish to do
good, while others are aimed at those who wish to pursue evil goals. Many of
them have permanent consenquences on your life in the Eternal Fantasy. Most
of them have no impact on the actual world around you, but rather, change the
way in which you can further interact within it."

"During the trials of questing, many of you will find yourself searching for
elusive answers hidden in remote parts of the world. You may be tempted to
ask others for help in solving these problems.
However, this is STRICTLY FORBIDDEN!
You must solve the quests on your own. Do not discuss ANY quest related
information over any channels. The Espers will not help you either.
Do not ask for their help."

"Learn to interact with the inhabitants of the Eternal Fantasy. Many of the
important, quest-related, inhabitants will respond to things you say in
their presence, or to things you ask of them. Many are very dense, and have
a limited vocabulary. Listen CLOSELY to what they say and ask of you. Write
down what they say, for they do not often repeat themselves."

Great, I don't want to deal with stupid quests, I just wanna frag people.
I'll be feared by everyone!

The voice becomes furious, and almost deafening as the following words
shake through your body from all directions...

"Player Killing is not to be taken lightly!"

"You will not kill people for no reason. This includes killing those new to the
realm, as well as any other player that you have no justifiable reason to
attack. Those new to the realm are any from levels 1 to 10. Even if you think
you have a good justification you can be overruled by an Esper Guardian(admin)
if your reason is not adequate. You will not kill a player repeatedly. If you
really hate someone you must still refrain from killing them more than once in
say, 2 hours."

"If you truly have a reason that relates to your character's relationship with
others in this fantasy world, which calls for the act of a single murder upon
the other character, and it is done in a manner of role playing, it may be
justifiable. If you are just killing them for the sake of killing them, or
they're just 'annoying' you, we shall look down upon you with great anger."

The voice becomes calm again...
"Now, you may pass beyond the sealed gate. Remember what has been said here,
and act accordingly."

(You can see this again, if you type: news nplayer_intro)

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