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The Guild of Warriors

The trainers of this guild will train you how to use the most weapons of all the
guilds. Fighters become the most armored warriors of all the classes, being able
to equip suits, shields, and helmets. Warriors also gain many combat skills
which make them extremely powerful in battle. Knights learn Sword Techniques
which cause massive damage, and Dragoons are able to jump high into the sky and
then land on their enemy with tremendouse force.

The Guild of Thieves

Also known as the guild of thieves, the trainers of this guild will teach you
how to wield dirks, and move with stealth, fading into the darkness. Hardly
known to do anything without something to gain in return, most thieves are
regarded as scum, with the exception of a few Robin Hood-esque figures. Some
thieves go on to become assassins, while others become treasure hunters, with
many other courses in life inbetween.

Guild of Martial Arts

Those who chose to learn martial arts wish to use their own bodies as weapons,
rather than relying on wood and metal. They refine their bodies and learn to
focus their chi into a deadly force. Moving quickly, Black Belts can strike at
least twice in the time most warriors strike once. They can also let lose
powerful manifestations of their chi once they become trained sufficiently.

School of Call Magic

Callers learn to call on beasts with unimaginable powers. To do this, they must
communicate with them and learn how to call them. Once they learn the way in
which they must call the beast, the beast will forever come to their aid in
battle. Some beasts must be defeated in battle before they will reveal the way
they can be called, or grant the request of a caller's call. Most called beasts
have extremely powerful attacking or healing abilities, but they require a large
amount of mana to be summoned from their homes to the location of the caller,
only to remain long enough to perform their task.

NOTE: There are 3 types of call magic
A: learned by level
B: learned by random item
C: learned by permission

School of Red Magic

Students who learn from this school learn the effects of magic in everyday work.
Red can be applied from healing minor wounds, to battle situations. Mages who
learn Red magic learn how magic can effect themselves and others, and therefore
can use magic in battle situations which will alter a foe's state of being, by
perhaps muddling them, or in extreme cases, even changing the form of their
body! Red Knights and Red Lords use Runic abilities to absorb magic and then
channel that energy into Physical attacks with magical side-effects. Sorcerers
and Sages learn to use limited white and black magic.

School of Black Magic

Mages in the school of black magic learn the most potentially dangerous use of
magic around. Harnessing one's mana, a mage trained in destructive magic can
call forth invokations capable of causing enormous damage to an enemy. This can
involve use of elemental forces, such as fire, ice, and lightning, or other
forces in nature. As a mage progresses with the school, they can learn more
destructive versions of many spells.

School of White Magic

White magic involves forces of magic used to help oneself or others. By focusing
mana from the pure soul within, a mage learned in the ways of pure magic can
heal themselves and others from wounds, cure diseases, and once highly trained,
can even bring back the dead to the world of the living. In addition to powerful
abilities to heal, mages in the highest levels of the school have been known to
be able to cast pure magic so intense that it is able to greatly damage enemies.

School of Bestial Lore

Being trained by scholars from around the world, students of lore learn many
secrets of ancient times, as well as about the monsters of the land. This
knowledge encompasses ancient weapons, items, stories of past adventures and
songs about them. The students of this school continue their training as they
venture into the world. Some learn the spells from the monsters they encounter,
while others learn their behaviors and attacks.

Guild of Engineers

Members of this guild learn how to use tools and tinker with technology. They
also get to build inventions, vehicles, and weapons. Some specialize in using
it, such as pilots, and others in building it, such as engineers. Although they
don't have special attacks of their own, members of this guild can gain the edge
in battle using various tools such as the battle drill, auto-crossbow, and many
more imaginative inventions.

Guild of Entertainers

Entertainers learn how to deal with monsters in artistic ways. Artists learn how
to sketch and paint monsters, and bringing their creations to life to fight for
them. Dancers mesmerize their enemies, sometimes confusing them, other times
calling down boulders to smash their enemies. Bards use their voices and
instruments to lull their enemies to sleep, encourage their friends, and cause
many other amazing effects with their songs which they learn from other bards
around the world.