The Eternal Fantasy: Help [holyknight]

                               .: Holy Knight :.
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fighter & whitemage Required Stats : STR (230), WILL (200)
squire & w.wizard Required Life Level : 99
paladin Req. Class Level : Paladin (99)
HOLY KNIGHT Class Stat Bonuses : None

A Holy Knight is a Paladin whose chivalrous traits shine beyond his call of
duty, and whose skill in the benedictive arts is equal to his skill with the
holy blade. A Holy Knight channels divine might through his sword in active
persecution of his enemies. He requires an unwavering dedication to his
beliefs, and a strong sense of duty, even to serve a corrupt king or emperor
for the greater good.

Armour: heavy armor/medium armor/light armor/robe, shield, helmet, accessory
Weapon: knightsword/staff/sword

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