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Intermud is a term that is used to refer to MUDs being connected to each other,
usually for sharing tells, channels, who, finger, etc.
So far The Eternal Fantasy is connected to:
Mud World IMC2 -
Mud Domain IMC2 -
OpenIMC -

Look at the mudworld, muddomain, and openimc commands. Everything regarding
them is contained within the commands. It's completely not connected to other
stuff on here... instead of 'tell', you need to do 'mudworld tell' for example.
There currently isn't a way to ignore, but I'll add one some time.
Doing anything, even looking at the mud list on them will count as saying
something twice, as far as the muzzling thing goes. This is intentional as I
don't feel like putting it at all the right places (for tells, channels, etc).
Only players level 99 and up get to use it.
They're 3 separate networks, but some of the channels are linked between
networks also, so I wouldn't suggest listening to both sides of a bridged
channel unless you just like seeing stuff twice.

Later I'll add I3 and probably some other protocols as well -Tim

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