The Eternal Fantasy: Help [levelrewards]

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Got a lot of spare time on your hands and want a reward for it?
The rewards for elite levels are as follows. All levels listed below are life
levels, not elite levels:

Level 100: Custom Organization
Organizations show up as an extra line whenever someone looks at you, as well as
with the organizations command. Normally these are used by ingame organizations
but at level 100 you may choose anything you want, provided it adheres to the
guidelines (see below).

Level 200: Custom Equipment Redescription
This is a fairly straightforward reward: Any single piece of equipment you have
may be redescribed as you like. This affects its short description, long
description, identification tags, and any other special messages it may have.

Level 333: Custom Race
The custom race overwrites whatever race you started with. Note that this is
purely a cosmetic change.

Level 500: Custom Skill
At level 500, you are allowed a customized spell or ability for whichever third
or fourth tier class you want (and have). This involves an in-depth process
with an Esper, however the general guidelines are that it is not to exceed "t4"

The basic guidelines are as follows:
- No powerplaying. This should be fairly obvious.
- Everything must be in English (e.g. you'd have to use "black wind" instead
of "kuroi kaze").
- In the case of organizations, in-game organizations are ineligible for
selection. The same principle that applies to names also applies to
organizations (i.e. nothing from copyrighted media; if it is discovered
that you circumvented this due to Esper oversight, it will be removed with
no reimbursement).
- In the case of equipment, equip/unequip messages may only be changed if
the "base" piece has them. Furthermore, customized equipment is
- In the case of races, other player races are ineligible for selection, as
are direct genre anachronisms (e.g. "klingon" is unacceptable, but "orc"
is). Race selections which conflict with your RP persona (if any) are
also unacceptable, as are races which conflict with setting (e.g. Lunarian).