The Eternal Fantasy: Help [magic/blue]

                             * Blue Magic *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Blue magic is magic of monsters. You must get hit with it before *****
***** you can learn it from the monster. Much like Rages. *****

The Blue Lore magics are:

Blue Wizard:
Clevel 1: Goblinpunch
Clevel 5: Blood Suck, Flash*
Clevel 15: Gust, Moonflute
Clevel 25: Needler, Exploder*
Clevel 35: Aquarake, Aero
Clevel 50: Magic Hammer, Revenge

Blue Archmage:
Clevel 1: Tornado
Clevel 25: White Wind*, Guard Off*
Clevel 50: Bad Breath, Mighty Guard*
Clevel 60: Cleansweep, Northern Cross*
Clevel 99: Grand Train**, Southern Cross*

* = Not in yet.
** = Learned by means other than by being hit with it.


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