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                             * Summon Magic *
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***** Summon magic is the magic of summoning Espers. *****

Summoning magic is one of the most powerful arts available to a mage, but is
also one of the most difficult schools to master. When a mage summons an Esper
in combat, the Esper itself is actually not even truly called - instead, a
manifestation of these Espers are brought forth through a unison of the wills
of the summoner and Esper. Because of this, summons grow and become powerful
with their summoners, but cannot be called without the consent of the Esper.

Naturally, many fantastic beings take exception to being objectified into
nothing more than beasts of combat, as animals called to unleash a few spells
to attack, and then to be discarded until the next fight. Because of this,
not many will allow themselves to be called merely by show of force. Espers
demand respect.

Although combat is sometimes a necessary part of acquiring the allegiance
of the Espers, one should never presume to walk up to one, hit them over the
head a few times, and then demand to summon them. Only in rare circumstances
will this work - although some Espers prefer challenge, it should ideally be
announced beforehand.

The actual rank and file of summonable Espers is disputable even amongst the
most accomplished of Summoners. The ones that are known and undisputable,
however, are as follows:

Chocobo - First level nonelemental Esper.
Ifrit - Omnilevel fire Esper.
Shiva - Omnilevel ice Esper.
Ramuh - Omnilevel lightning Esper.

No other Esper has been undisputed by the practitioners of the summoning arts,
and therefore has no place being listed. Summoners are to be constantly on
the watch for creatures with which they may make magical bonds with.

For a technical overview of the summoning arts, see 'help magic summonsystem'

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