The Eternal Fantasy: Help [magic/summonsystem]

                              * Summon Magic *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Summon magic is the magic of summoning Espers. *****

To summon an Esper to fight for oneself, a summoner must have not only the
ability to summon the Esper, but also the SP to draw forth a representation of
the Esper. Simply put, one must 'summon ifrit' or any other Esper, provided
one has the ability to do so. Each time these representations draw upon their
magical energies, either by casting spells or by performing techniques unique to
them, it exerts a toll upon the summoner, who must by simple conservation of
energy pay back this toll in mana. Should the summoner be unable, their
construct in the appearance of an Esper is instantly dismissed out of lack of
ability to maintain it.

A more interesting ability of these constructs lies in the bond which creates
this upkeep toll. Because the energy conservation works both ways, the
summoner can channel great amounts of mana into their summoned Espers, and
the Espers must respond in kind by giving this mana back to the environment it
was taken from... and this takes the form of manoeuvres of unimaginable power.
For the reason that these use amounts of mana usually only seen in the stars,
by the black magic Meteo, or the heavens, by the white magic Holy, an attack
drawn by the excessive channeling of mana through a magical construct of an
Esper is therefore referred to as an "Astral Flow." However, aside from this,
an Esper fights without influence from their summoner - lesser amounts of mana
cannot force an Esper to attack, because they can replace the mana spent this
way effortlessly. Only great amounts can force an attack.

Of course, the summoner is in full control of these manifestations, and may
cause them to vanish at any time simply be ceasing the flow of mana to them
by their control. Should this happen, the construct of the Esper is instantly
dismantled to its component mana and dispersed to the world it came from. In
a similar fashion, a summoner, no matter how great, can only maintain one
Esper's manifestation at a time, whether channeling the forces of a god, or
simply maintaining a magical chocobo. This is due to the intrinsic knowledge
of the magical arts required. However, as a result of this, a summoner can
know at any time not only exactly how an Esper until his control may fight,
but also to the degree of their current decay - in other words, their health.

To recap for those who do not wish to understand the mechanics behind the art
of summoning:

Command - Effect

report - Displays an Esper's vital stats, including attacks.
dismiss - Dismisses the currently summoned Esper.
astralflow - Forces the Esper to perform its Astral Flow ability.
summon - Without a name, displays the summons you know and their upkeeps.

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