The Eternal Fantasy: Help [master]

                                 .: Master :.
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blackbelt Required Stats : STR (230), DEX (230)
monk Required Life Level : 99
sensei Required Class Level : Sensei (99)
MASTER Class Stat Bonuses : not applicable

Occasionally a sensei reaches a level of skill and understanding that completely
eclipses the abilities of his or her peers. Such individuals are remembered in
history as true Masters, warriors of legendary martial prowess and unsurpassed
focus and discipline.
Masters have honed their minds and bodies into deadly weapons and can unleash
devastating assaults without recourse to stone or steel. Additionally, they can
focus their energy at will to greatly enhance their already impessive physical
abilities, making them truly terrifying opponents on the battlefield.

Armour: hood/hat, suit, accessory
Weapon: claw/nunchucks

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