The Eternal Fantasy: Help [muzzle.h]

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Muzzling is a way that players are slowed to prevent spamming.
You can be temporarily muzzled by doing things faster than a certain speed.
The triggering speed is normally set pretty high. Unless you're lagged
terribly, you're unlikely to trigger it by accident. However, if you do, it
will wear off after about 30 seconds. Being muzzled won't affect most things,
but it will stop you from using say, channels, emotes, and other forms of
communication until it wears off. If people are spamming and working to avoid
the automatic trigger, we might adjust the triggering speed.

You can also be manually muzzled by one of the admin. This could be effective
until the admin decide to end it, or it might expire after a certain amount of
time (maybe 10 or 15 minutes or so, depending on the reason)

NOTE: If you're spamming and are careful to stay below the trigger speed, you
might still be breaking the spamming rules.