The Eternal Fantasy: Help [ninja]

                                   .: Ninja :.
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thief Required Stats : STR (50), DEX (64)
NINJA Required Life Level : 35
assassin Required Class Level : Thief (25)
night blade Class Stat Bonuses : STR, DEX, WIS
Abilities : help skill ninjalist

A ninja is a thief who focuses their skills for battle. In addition to more
effective thievery, a ninja strikes from the shadows and follows this up with
quick, potent blows to fell a target before they can fight back. They aren't
as good in protracted fights, as their stamina is very low. Nevertheless,
ninja is the class of choice for those who value dexterity over strength.
Their skills primarily deal in high amounts of damage very quickly, as well as
minor enfeebling effects to weaken their targets both against their own attacks
and against the attacks of party members.

Armour: suit, hood/hat, accessory
Weapon: claw/dagger

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