The Eternal Fantasy: Help [paladin]

                                .: Paladin :.
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fighter & whtmage Required Stats : STR (155), WP (100)
squire & whtwiz Required Life Level : 70
PALADIN* Required Class Level : Squire (50), White Wizard (25)
Class Stat Bonuses : STR2, WP
Abilities : help skill paladinlist
Cannot Be : Dark Knight

Paladins are knights who have followed the path of light, harnessing the bright
yang of their souls. Paladins are the ultimate weapon against darkness. They
learn to use some white magic, and gain the use of the Sacred Slash sword
technique. They also gain the noble ability to protect others from harm when
in battle.

Armour: heavy/medium/light_armor/robe, shield, helmet, accessory1, accessory2
Weapon: knightsword/staff/sword

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