The Eternal Fantasy: Help [prompt]

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=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Use 'set prompt <xyz>' to set your prompt. You can insert the following tokens
if you wish and they will be replaced with the appropriate information when

$T - the current time
$C - command number
$H - a short display of your HP/SP
$G - a charge gauge for melee and skills
${current_hp} - your current HP
${max_hp} - your maximum HP
${current_sp} - your current SP
${max_sp} - your maximum SP
${hp_regen_status} - shows a + if you have the regen status or a - if
you are poisoned
${sp_regen_status} - shows a + if you have the SP regen status or a - if
you have SP poison
${status} - a summary of your current status conditions
${rage} - how close you are to being able to use your
Limit Break
${level} - your current level
${to_next_level} - how much experience you need to level up
${class_level} - your primary class's current level
${to_next_class_level} - how much JP you need to gain a class level
${gil} - how much gil is in your pocket
${inventory_used} - how many items you are carrying
${max_capacity} - the maximum number of items you can carry
${capacity} - how much free space is in your inventory

You can also use colorcodes in your prompt (see 'help color').

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