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So maybe you're wondering 'Is there anything to do here aside from chatting and
hacking and slashing?' Well, there is. Quests exist here, giving you something
extra to do, to solve. And in some cases, they're even necessary. Read on.
Often, quests will require you to interact with "smart" NPCs that respond to say
and ask commands. Far from being "smart", these NPCs are very stupid, and only
respond to specific key words.

Some will respond to 'ask <npc> about list'
Others respond to things you say, (eg. 'say Hi there, I wanna help!')
(Try to use key words in the things you say that you think they'd react to.)

Pay very close attention to what the NPC is saying and asking. They rarely
repeat themselves, and you need to answer them to solve the quests.

Sometimes the quest will require you to give the NPC something. Usually the NPC
will not accept anything except what they want. But this is not always the case,
be very careful. Most smart NPCs cannot be killed to get the item back.

Remember, not all quests are listed in the 'quests' command. Quests are
progressively revealed as you solve each one. Thus, if you help a town, a new
quest might pop up, based on the last one.

You may find 'command qitems' and 'command quests' useful also.

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