The Eternal Fantasy: Help [runic]

What is Runic?

When Celes first used runic, it absorbed the SP used to cast the spell,
and the spell fizzled out of existance. This applied to all spells
cast in the room with her, from anyone casting (targeted at her or not)

Runic in TEF has progressed. Celes gained mastery over Runic, able to
not only absorb the SP used for the spell and make it fizzle, but also
to redirect the magical force back at the caster.

This was all made possible by runic ore - a material that absorbs, or
redirects the magical forces in the natural world (ether currents)

When one would 'fizzle' a spell, and absorb the sp used in the casting,
the ether currents would still be active in the natural world, lying
dormant... being drawn back into the sealed realm.

The use of the term 'charges' that are accumulated when one runics a
spell, indicates knowledge of where one of these ether streams is,
and allows them to use runic again... but weakly, pulling the ether
stream along with their blade (or in the case of multispells, pulling
the various ether streams together, to form more powerful spells) in
order to attack with it.

Any attacks using these ether streams, then, would still be affected
by runic, re-absorbed as a 'charge' to use later. Runic is the
ability to nullify magic's manifestation in the physical realm.

Thus, a Runic Knight, Red Knight, Red Lord, Vanquisher, or Planewalker
who has "charges", actually has no such "thing" in them or connected
to them that could be used against them. A charge is like a trail
that they can see, and then re-direct as needed.

Runic absorbs all healing, attack, status, and ninja magics,
but cannot block the bringing forth of summoned monsters.
(It can absorb the magic a summoned monster casts at the
runic protected person)