The Eternal Fantasy: Help [runicknight]

                               .: Runic Knight :.
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fighter Required Stats : STR (155)
squire Required Life Level : 70
RUNICKNIGHT Required Class Level : Squire (50)
Class Stat Bonuses : STR2, WP
Abilities : help skill runicknightlist

Runic knights have been able to study many techniques allowing them to use the
basic runic ability to absorb magic and runic deflect to reflect spells back on
their casters. The runic skill itself cuts off a magical effect from its source
of power, the ether streams pulled from the sealed realms. Once cut off, it
loses cohesion in the physical realm and dissipates. A Runic Knight is the most
fit of all the fighter classes to go up against magical enemies.

Armour: heavy/medium/light_armor, helmet, accessory1, accessory2
Weapon: dagger/knightsword/sword

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