The Eternal Fantasy: Help [seeker]

                                  .: Seeker :.
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wanderer Required Stats : STR (64)
SEEKER Required Life Level : 35
ravager Required Class Level : Wanderer (25)
dark knight Abilities : help skill seekerlist
holy knight
divine knight

While a Wanderer will travel from battlefield to battlefield in search of
meaning, a Seeker knows for what they search. Undaunted by any opposition and
still as independent as ever, the Wanderer who becomes a Seeker gains access
to a broader range of techniques. Yet the Nepenthe draught is more valuable
than ever, and a Seeker will find themself relying on it far more heavily than
would a Wanderer.

Armour: medium/light armor or robe, shield, hat/helmet, accessory
Weapon: sword

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