The Eternal Fantasy: Help [skill/bluearchmagelist]

                        .: Blue Archmage Skill List :.
=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-[ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP]-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-
Blue archmages have a greater understanding of monster and lore abilities and
find it easier to master them.

While this helpfile lists the available blue spells and what level you need to
be to learn them, finding them is up to you. The spells learnable by Blue Wizards
can also be learned by Blue Archmages.

Class Level Skill Name
1 Tornado
50 Bad Breath
60 Cleansweep
99 *Grand Train
Spells with a * are learned via means other than being hit by it.

Not currently implemented: [25] White Wind, Guard Off [50] Mighty Guard
[60] Northern Cross [99] Southern Cross

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