The Eternal Fantasy: Help [skill/victimize]

                                   * Victimize *
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Help on the Victimize skill. *****
Victimize is not only potentially the single most powerful blow available to the
assassin, but to anyone who wields a weapon. This attack draws power both from
the number of enfeebling effects on the victim and from the number of times the
victim has been hit by the Lacerate skill. When used against an opponent
riddled with enfeebling effects and brutally lacerated, Victimize can easily end
the fight in one blow. That said, the force of this attack will take the
target's attention away from their lacerations, removing any future benefit of
accumulated Lacerate usage.

This ability requires two weapons.

victimize <enemy>
victimize imp

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