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Mysterious orbs found throughout the MUD.
Aethyr spheres (a.k.a 'save points') are mysterious otherworldly devices with
strange and unpredictable powers. They appear almost randomly throughout the
MUD and are known to come in at least 5 varieties, identifiable by color.

green Aethyr spheres
Green savepoints possess the remarkable property of resurrection, it seems that
by touching a green aethyr sphere a person becomes linked to that area and is
revived there instead of in the Conerian graveyard.
Syntax: touch sphere

yellow Aethyr spheres
Yellow savepoints possess the same astonishing power as the green points, but
also generate what is now known as a 'sanctuary field' about them. Because of
the guaranteed safety provided by such fields, items such as tents and cabins
can be used without danger in their vicinity.
Syntax: touch sphere | use <item>

blue Aethyr spheres
The blue orbs, like the green ones, are capable of setting a resurrection point
for you if you touch them, but they also possess the ability to selectively
repress memories and draw out others. This strange power can allow a person
to effectively switch occupations and entire skill sets as easily as one might
change his or her clothing.
Syntax: touch sphere | primary <class> | secondary <class>

red Aethyr spheres
The incredible red savepoints seem to combine the powers of the blue and the
yellow spheres, effectively allowing you to set a resurrection point, use tents
AND change classes all at the one location.
Syntax: touch sphere | use <item> | primary <class> | secondary <class>

purple Aethyr spheres
There have been sightings of exceptionally rare purple aethyr spheres, the
abilities of these savepoints are currently unknown, though one would suggest
that their rarity denotes a power greater than the other 4 types combined.

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