The Eternal Fantasy: Help [stagger]

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Open foes up to devastating attacks
Stagger is a status effect inflicted by martial classes. By itself, it does
nothing. However, it opens foes up to devastating finishing blows. Stagger can
be inflicted in several ways, such as Wanderer's ability to inflict it as part
of its combos, or Thief's ability to build up a stagger gauge on their opponent.
It can then be exploited through means such as Thief's Backstab or Seeker's Keen

Of particular note is Pugilist, which builds the stagger gauge through critical
hits on its abilities and, later on, its melee attacks (including counters).

Stagger lasts 10 seconds once inflicted, and cannot be prevented or cured
through any means. Accumulated stagger gauge lasts 2 minutes from the last time
the gauge was built. Stagger can be applied cross-class. For example, a Thief
with Wanderer secondary can use Hard Slash and Pommel Strike to stagger the
opponent instead of building the stagger gauge with Viper Bite. Some abilities
learned later on can even inflict it directly, without the need for combos or