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Powerful but situational advantage
Several classes have access to abilities known as stances. These are active
buffs which can be toggled on and off outside combat every 20 seconds. They
provide powerful, but situational, benefits. An active stance will be
indicated with the "s" flag on your HP report, and can be confirmed through
the conditions command. A list of stances by class tree follows:

Class: Thief
Stance: In Broad Daylight
Effect: +25% critical hit rate and damage, +50% accuracy, +33% damage received
Overview: With the additional damage received, this stance is best suited for
clearing out weaker enemies and when using status effects, as Ninja's Aphonia
and Oblivion gain significant benefit from being performed In Broad Daylight.
However, when properly prepared, it can greatly assist in rushing down a boss.
Note that these bonuses are not counted as status effects, and will stack
with everything. The accuracy bonus, in particular, is multiplicative with
other accuracy buffs, and even allows for minimum dexterity Thief builds.

Class: Uhlan
Stance: Air Supremacy
Effect: Halves Highwind costs (see help highwind), disables Highwind gain
Overview: While Highwind can generally be spent as it's accumulated, it can be
beneficial to build up the gauge and spend it all at once, such as against
bosses. Air Supremacy is therefore an excellent boss killer.

Class: Wanderer
Stance: Nepenthe
Effect: Powers up abilities, but disables use of secondary class
Overview: The additional effects provided by Nepenthe are powerful, and are
often enough to make Wanderer classes self-sufficient options. However, a
secondary class is still useful in rounding out one's ability set for all
encounters, for example when needing to inflict status effects or access a
wider array of buffs or debuffs.

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