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How do stats work here? What can I do to make mine unique?
Everyone enters the MUD at level 1 and their stats increase until they obtain
life level 99. This increase is linear and uniform across all races, so
every race winds up with the same base stats at each level. However, racial
modifiers act in a percent-based fashion, with each race receiving a 10%
bonus to one stat and a 15% penalty to another. Finally, players choose one
other stat to receive a 5% bonus.

Customization is achieved through use of stat allocation points. Each player
begins with two points worth +2 in a chosen stat, and gains one per level until
level 99. This means that at max level, players have 100 stat allocation points
or +200 overall to their base stats before the percent-based modifiers afforded
by race and class. A maximum of 50 allocation points may be assigned to any
single stat. The statbonus command is used for such allocation.

To put it simply:
Base stats are calculated as 3 + (level-1)*1.5 + allocation*2, rounded down.
Total stats are base stats times percent-based modifiers plus equipment.

There are six stats, and their general effects are as follows:

Strength: Physical damage, minor effect on hit points
Vitality: Hit points, physical defense
Dexterity: Physical accuracy and evasion
Intelligence: Magic damage, minor effect on magic points
Willpower: Magic points, magic defense, white magic and enhancement potency
Wisdom: Magic accuracy and evasion

In addition, certain classes may emphasize stats in unlisted ways, such as
vitality affecting defensive skills. Such influence is listed in the relevant
class' help files.
See also: - stats/dexterity - stats/strength - stats/vitality - stats/willpower - stats/wisdom

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