The Eternal Fantasy: Help [swiftcast]

                                 .: Swiftcast :.                                
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THE ETERNAL FANTASY USER HELP ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
***** Accelerate casting with planning and preparation *****
Swiftcast is the result of a Red Mage's Spellblade Combo (see "help
spellblade"). The movements of combat are planned and steered towards the goal
of triggering Swiftcast, which can act as a shortcut for casting other spells.
This gives the Red Mage the illusion of incredible casting speed, but it is, in
fact, simply a redistribution of effort resulting in high efficiency.

Once a Spellblade Combo has been completed, a Red Mage will gain the Swiftcast
buff for 10 seconds. This buff reduces the casting time of certain spells to 1
clocktick (see "help clocktick"). Casting a spell that uses Swiftcast will
consume the buff. Red Wizards gain the Dualcast trait, which converts Swiftcast
to Dualcast and allows the Red Mage to cast two spells in a row at 1 clocktick.
The buff's duration remains the same.

Spells that can be used with Swiftcast: