The Eternal Fantasy: Help [thief]

                                   .: Thief :.
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THIEF Required Stats : DEX (5)
ninja Required Life Level : N/A
assassin Required Class Level : N/A
night blade Class Stat Bonuses : STR, DEX, WIS
Abilities : help skill thieflist

Thieves, true to their name, steal from their marks. Since larceny has been
known to provoke the ire of the victim on occasion, thieves also learn how to
kill their marks without having to worry about lengthy fights. In addition,
they are the only ones who can sneak around undetected, avoiding aggression in
most enemies. Finally, all thieves learn how to maximize battle efficiency
through the use of two weapons instead of one.

Armour: suit, hood/hat, accessory
Weapon: dagger

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