The Eternal Fantasy: Help [timearchmage]

                             .: Time Archmage :.
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timemage Required Stats : WIS (155), WP (155)
timewizard Required Life Level : 70
TIMEARCHMAGE Required Class Level : Time Wizard (50)
Class Stat Bonuses : WP, WIS2
Abilities : help skill timearchmagelist

A Time Archmage is a master of not only time but space as well. They can
bend space to move instantly from one location to another, and can call forces
from the murky black skies to their will. While not offensively or defensively
as powerful as a Black or White Archmage, respectively, they are a force to be
taken into account on any battlefield.

Armour: robe, hood/hat, accessory
Weapon: rod/staff

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