The Eternal Fantasy: Help [treasurehunter]

                              .: Treasure Hunter :.
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thief Required Stats : STR (100), DEX (155)
rogue Required Life Level : 70
TREASUREHUNTER Required Class Level : Rogue (50)
ninja* Class Stat Bonuses : STR, DEX2
Abilities : help skill treasurehunterlist

Hardly known to do anything without something to gain in return, most thieves
are regarded as scum, with the exception of a few Robin Hood-esque figures.
Treasure hunters never like to be called thieves, as they have moved up to
finding unclaimed treasures from around the world. After extensive travels
in the dark, treasure hunters develop the ability to see in the dark as well
as remember a precise location no matter how far away they are.

Armour: light armor, hat/hood, accessory
Weapon: sword/dagger/boomerang

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