The Eternal Fantasy: Help [yeti]


Race Gains: Str (4) Vit (4) Dex (2) Wis (1) WP (1) Cha (1)
Starting Stats: Str (8) Vit (7) Dex (4) Wis (3) WP (4) Cha (3)
Stat Maxes: Dex (198) Wis (99) WP (99) Cha (99) All Others 255

The massive yeti berzerkers are the most powerful fighters of the Eternal
Fantasy. They gain yeti-only fighting skills as they gain life levels, but
cannot join any classes. Yeti are a secretive, solitary race. They collect and
horde things that they like, but are not particularly valuable. Occasionally,
they will find something pretty that is quite powerful, but they have no idea
how to use it, but keep it anyway. They are a warrior race that will fight
before talking, since they aren't quite intelligent enough to make decent
conversation. Their main form of communication is grunting, which they often
resort to, rapidly, when they cannot find the correct words to use...
Aaaaaargh uh oooh oooh uh ooH oh!

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