The Eternal Fantasy: Help [magic]

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***** What is magic and how do I learn it? *****
Magic is the art that purports to control or forecast natural events, effects,
or forces by invoking the supernatural. The practice of using charms, spells, or
rituals to attempt to produce supernatural effects or control events in nature.

The player stats that affect magic are:
Intelligence: Magic damage, minor effect on magic points
Willpower: Magic points, magic defense, white magic and enhancement potency
Wisdom: Magic accuracy and evasion

The types of magic are:
Black: Black magic is for causing massive damage
White: White magic is for healing damage, and protection
Red: Red magic causes status effects, and includes some white and black
Blue: Blue magic is learned from monsters
Time: Time magic is for manipulating time and space
Call: Call magic is the magic of summoning and interacting with magical
beasts known as Espers

Magic's source is disputable. Check 'help rp' for roleplaying information. Also
check 'help stats' to see which stats affect your magic in this MUD and 'help
class' for more on the class system and how to join classes.

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