The Eternal Fantasy: List of commands

abounty         alias           allytell        announce        ask             
assist          auction         best            bid             biff            
boardcheck      bounties        bounty          brief           bug             
bury            challenge       channels        charge          checkjunk       
chfn            clanapp         claninfo        clanwhere       classes         
close           colors          command         complain        conditions      
consider        converse        decapitate      describe        do              
drag            drop            emote           emotions        equip           
equipment       esperapp        espercall       exits           faq             
ffmuds          findstat        finger          fixme           focus           
follow          get             getskills       give            glance          
go              harass          heartbeat       help            hibernate       
history         hp              idea            identify        idlemsg         
ignore          inactive        info            inventory       junk            
kill            knock           limit           lock            look            
lpfaq           lpmuds          magicreport     map             mudlist         
names           newbest         newbiestuff     newhelp         newstuff        
nickname        noise           open            order           organizations   
party           partywhere      passwd          pboard          pk_complain     
pkills          pklist          pose            praise          ptell           
put             qitems          qscore          query           quests          
quit            quittest        reply           report          reserve         
reset           restrictions    run             save            say             
scan            score           search          set             shout           
show            skillreport     skills          snoopable       spells          
split           splitbeyond     statbonus       statplan        suicide         
tell            temote          term            to              tournament      
traits          transfer        trivia          tune            typo            
unalias         undescribe      unequip         unlock          unnickname      
unset           unwield         version         view            viewmap         
vote            web             weplist         whisper         who             
whois           why             wield           wimpy           wimpydir        
wreply          year2038        zone            

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